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When EVERY Minute Counts!

Harsh winter climates have always made search and rescue operations difficult. Without proper protection, bone-chilling temperatures, broken ice and slushy open water can instantly threaten lives and equipment. Hypothermia can happen in minutes.

The Biondo Boats search and rescue airboat is a quick-response vehicle designed to safely transport up to six people through the most unpredictable winter conditions over water, ice, broken ice and even snow.

Over the last 25 years, our boat has evolved to become the most reliable airboat in the industry; serving police departments, sheriff’s departments, fire departments and search and rescue operations all over the world.

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Our SR-19 airboat has proven itself as a leading search and rescue vehicle providing safe transport in harsh winter conditions. Fast response in emergency situations is critical, the SR-19 provides rescuers access to dangerous locations on ice, broken ice, water and snow that previously would have been unsafe or almost impossible to reach.

"After performing our first ice rescue mission on Lake Erie,
the airboat has paid for itself in one afternoon."

Chief McCaslin
West Lake Fire Department

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