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Optional Equipment

Biondo Boats airboats are delivered complete and ready to use. Standard tipping trailer with power winch and a basic lighting package are included. Of course, numerous options are available to customize your boat to your specific application. Additional features are limited only to your imagination. Some of the options available include:
  • Counter Rotating Propeller
  • Retractable Wheel System
  • Infrared Camera
  • GPS systems
  • Intercom with radio communications
  • Light bar
  • Auxiliary Lighting Packages

More Features

Biondo Boats Dependable Hull Technology
Biondo Boats Being Prepared
Biondo Boats Responsive Control
Biondo Boats Passenger Protection
Biondo Boats Why Buy Biondo?
Biondo Boats - Search and Rescue Airboat Innovative Technology Biondo Boats - Search and Rescue Airboat Passenger Protection Biondo Boats - Search and Rescue Airboat Responsive Control Biondo Boats - Search and Rescue Airboat Dependable Hull Technology
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