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Passenger Protection

As a rescue vehicle and patient transporter, the SR-19 provides a spacious interior with comfortable seating. The interior can be customized for medical and rescue equipment, stretchers and fold-up seating. Standard seating includes front bucket seats and a rear bench seat.

A rugged three piece convertible top offers generous headroom and all around visibility while protecting passengers from the elements. Fastened tightly to a high central arch with heavy duty zippers and twist fasteners, the top has three large removable windows for easy access of people, stretchers and equipment. A three-speed heater/defrost maintains a comfortable temperature with frost free windows.

The dash displays a full range of engine instrumentation, circuit breakers and electronics switches. Ample storage is available in center floor compartments and under the front deck.

The crew is protected from freezing rain, snow and sleet by an enclosed, heated cabin. The windshield wiper system is heavy duty and well suited for winter conditions.

More Features

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