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Quick maneuverability is critical to avoid en-route surface hazards and in tight rescue situations. The rounded hull with generous chines and large rear rudders provides quick driver response and a reassuring agility not found with other rescue vehicles, especially when breaking through thin ice or snow.

A specially prepared V-8 engine with horsepower ranging from 450-550 provides the high power to weight ration needed to propel a fully loaded airboat through the toughest conditions. This engine is mounted below the deck line to reduce the center of gravity. It is not uncommon to experience high side shock loads when traveling over uneven ice conditions, the low engine mount greatly lowers the vertical center of gravity, decreasing the risk of possible rollover. The engine is also located in an enclosed engine compartment protecting it from exposure to snow and freezing rain.

Power is delivered through a toothed drive belt or optional shaft drive to a composite propeller. The shaft drive system is available with counter rotating propellers, which provide increased thrust, reduced fuel consumption and lower noise levels.

Our boats come with a standard hydraulic ice brake. This brake consists of a spiked stainless steel plate mounted on the transom to provide controlled stopping in a wide variety of ice conditions. This same system is used as a boat lift, which is used to release the boat after being frozen to the ice surface when stopped.

Our open cable steering design prevents the possibility of cable freeze up when operating on snow or in freezing rain conditions.

The bow of our boat is likened to the shape of the large icebreaker ships, which promotes easier transition from water to ice. This feature also improves the dispersal of ice chunks when cutting a track through thin ice.

A conventional steering wheel provides familiarity for operators which reduces training time for multiple drivers.

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