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Customer Reviews

Georgina Air Rescue Boat by Biondo Boats


"The Georgina Fire Department purchased its first Husky airboat in 1991 to patrol the 20 mile southern shore of Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. The waters of Lake Simcoe attract thousands of anglers each year and with the inclusion of this unit in our fleet we are able to minimize the danger to our fire fighters that is inherent to ice/water rescue. This first Husky airboat proved its worth over the years and with the excellent service we received from Husky, our downtime was limited.

In November of 2008, we took delivery of a new 19 foot Husky Airboat, equipped with FLIR, GPS, and Patient Retrieval/Lift System. The men and women of our service are excited with this unit and have been training with it since we took delivery. We have put our faith in Husky Airboats because they have proven themselves to us in the worst winter lake conditions imaginable. With the support of Husky Airboats and their staff, we will continue to provide this vital service to our residents and visitors with a high degree of confidence in the equipment we use."

Bill O'Neill
Director of Emergency Services/Fire Chief
Georgina Fire Department

Cambridge Air Rescue Boat by Biondo Boats


"The Cambridge Fire Department has had a long and very satisfying relationship with Husky Airboats. We recently purchased a replacement Airboat from Husky because of their excellent customer service since our original purchase of an Airboat in 1996.

The Husky Airboat has served us well for both river and lake rescue situations. It is particularly valuable for weak ice and low water conditions. The boat is reliable and is our primary vessel for all water search and rescue operations.

The boat is relatively easy to operate which makes training multiple operators practical. Husky Airboat has continued to develop their boat, from its original design, for better performance and reduced noise levels."

Bill Chesney
Deputy Fire Chief
Cambridge Fire Department

West Lake Air Rescue Boat by Biondo Boats


"I can say that the air boat has been a positive resource for the region as other Law Enforcement and Fire/Rescue agencies have stated it was a needed resource in this area that covers portions of Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay. After rescuing 2 boys/Chief mcCaslin has stated that after performing are 1st ice rescue mission on Lake Erie that the air boat has paid for itself in one afternoon."

Captain Rick Trohoske
West Lake Fire Dept.

"SPFD's Husky Airboat has greatly enhanced our ice/water rescue capabilities. It provides a stable platform with an enclosed & heated cabin, improving crew performance and patient survivability. We've deployed our Husky in all weather and ice/water conditions, including the Mississippi River."

Dave Ross
Saint Paul Fire Department
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Winnebago Air Rescue Boat by Biondo Boats


"I would say the Husky Airboats are the most dependable and versatile ice rescue craft I have seen in my 32 years of Law Enforcement. The people at Husky Airboats have been nothing but friendly and helpful in dealing with any service or repair issues."

Paul Schreiber
Winnebago Sheriff's Department

"So far since we got it we had 6 people saves and 8 rescue missions. The last several rescue missions have been on the ice and snow (very rough) and harsh. 3 of our last missions have been long distant ones especially the very last one, about 80 to 100 miles round trip or so in a mix of ice conditions & water with wind and river currents to bring back 2 young hunters. Your company, the boat, idea, concept, WOW! Who would have ever thought something like this would be a fire departments dream boat for saving lives. Thank you for building this one for us!"

Archie Ferguson
Kotzebue Volunteer Fire Department

"After using hovercrafts for a number of years to try to facilitate ice rescues, the Husky is light years ahead as far as I'm concerned. All I want is something that is safe, dependable, stable, and easy to use if I am called out to do an ice rescue or other water type emergency. Most important of all, if I do have to go out, I want to be able to get back to shore without any problems. That was hardly ever the case with a hovercraft. When I was out with the Husky, I never felt doubtful or uneasy about about its toughness or dependability.

All I can say is thanks for making a wonderful product."

Dennis Matuszak
Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue